Apply for Personal Loan in Dubai UAE

Personal finance is a basic need if you want to do something big immediately. Are you looking for a quick cash personal loan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? Perhaps you're getting married, planning to invest in higher education or need some home improvements. Use platform to find the online latest deals for personal loans in UAE.

1-STL (Salary Transfer Loan)
Working alongside the leading banks of the UAE, we do all the hard work for you to make finding the best products and offerings simple.
The dubai loan packages can be compared based on prevailing interest rates, loan amounts, tenures, contract fees, early payment charges, and other relevant terms of loan. Karz offers you the best personal finance in Dubai and UAE.
The person must transfer his/her salary to the concerning bank for which he/she wants to opt for the loan after the loan is approved.

2-PDC (Non-Salary Transfer loan)
It's always hard to get pay approval to get an advance, or you may just not want to share your pay – in either case, this free payment technique will help you get the cash you need. A personal loan with non-salary transfer loan in Dubai, UAE is not so hard to achieve. An expat credit without an exchange of money can be easily prepared on the off chance you will need it easily, and it does not need any assurance or underwriter.

3- Buyout loan /Debt consolidation
Are you in a tough financial position, and are you struggling to make numerous payments to various creditors with higher interest rates? Karz will help you consolidate your debt and you could benefit from handling only one monthly repayment. Our Plan for Long Term Personal Loans will help you get out of debt faster. You will save on interest repayments by merging all your loans into one personal loan.

The bank offers a personal loan with a buyout loan in UAE that you use to pay off all your current debts, such as credit cards and other personal loans. The borrower is expected to pay the bank for a specified period of time on a fixed monthly schedule, usually two to five years to pay off his new Buyout loan.

Karz finance company offers the best personal loan deals of UAE banks without any charges.

Emirates NBD Personal Loan without Salary Transfer

One of the largest Banks in the UAE is Emirates NBD. It is a governmental bank that provides you best services. The excellent benefit of this bank is that it offers cash loans also. You will not need the procedure of salary transfer to get loans. The duration to return money is in between 1 to 4 years. Moreover, the loans are with good interest rates. It means you will never face to burden.

In addition, the monthly payment rate is also low, so you will get the best stabilization in your financial state. This bank will offer you a maximum loan of AED 2,000,000. The interest rate is near about 5.38 percent per year. The is the best to apply for a loan in all banks. We do not charge any service fee and provide you with great facilities.

ADCB Personal Loan & Interest rates

ADCB is one of the most famous banks in the UAE. It was created in 1985. It is a sort of commercial bank that provides the lowest personal loan interest rate. There are different packages for all the residential and expatriate public. The best point of this bank is that it is with the low-interest rates. The rate is roundabout to 8.89%. There is no demand for salary transfer.

The repayment period is longer as compared to many other banks. Sometimes, many people face the problem of completing the documentation to get their loans. You will solve this issue with We will fill out all the process documentation and ensures that you will get your suitable personal finance package without any extra fee.

ADIB Personal Loan & Interest rates

ADIB is one of the outstanding Islamic Banks. It is present in Abu Dhabi. With some simple documents, you can quickly open your account there. After opening your account, you will get immediate approval of getting a loan. You can borrow maximum money of 1 million Dirham. Comparatively to other banks’ packages, its interest rate is near about 3.72%.

You can use this amount to make your financial condition more stable. Further, the time to return the money is more than 48 months. In the first three months, there is no need for monthly installments. The provides you with this loan with a 0% processing fee.

RAKBANK Personal Loan & Interest rates

It is a popular national bank that gives amazing packages. This bank does not only offer high loans but also a low rate of interest. Another exceptional thing about it is that the duration period of repayment is flexible. You have a time of more than 48 months. Its flat rate is near about 3.85%.

This basic package is for everyone including expatriates. If someone is a staff of an armed force, he will get the time of 60 months to return the borrowed money. The will help you in quickly getting the personal loan approval without much time. Another advantage of this bank is that you will get a free debit card also.

Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan & Interest rates

The specialty of this bank is that it follows all the rules of Islam and works accordingly. There is no need of providing your confidential information to banks. It is necessary to always remember never to share this kind of information with anyone.

This Islamic bank gives you amazing loans with a 0% flat rate. As it follows Islamic principles, there is no flat rate. If you need any high financial amount, this option is right for you. The repayment duration is above forty-eight months. The ensures that you get a personal loan in Dubai without any additional fee. We will help you in getting it.

FAB Personal Loan & Interest rates

FAB is the largest bank that is best in providing different packages of personal loans. The best point is that it is with a reasonable interest rate. The interest rates are roundabout to 8.99% per annum. Both national & expatriates get the loan at this rate. You will easily return the money with time. The duration is enough for repayment. It will make your financial status much better. The helps you in the processing of loans without fees.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The EMI calculator helps in finding all the processes of monthly installments with interest rates easily. In this way, you will ensure that the repayment will become secure for you. The will help you in this calculation also. We will tell you complete information on how to get credit cards and loans. And, also you will know about the repayment procedure with the interest rate. We have mentioned some best personal loan offers of UAE banks. Note! NE stands for not exact.

Required documents

  • Application completed and signed by the customer
  • Salary certificate / Salary slips
  • Bank statement (three months)
  • Copy of a resident visa/valid passport/ Emirates ID (originals must also be presented)
Title Rate Tenur Max Amount
HSBC 5.89%* (NE)* Up to 48 months 100,000 MAX
Standard Chartered Bank personal Finance (SCB) 6.05%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 1,000,000 MAX
Banque Misr 9%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 250,000 MAX
National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain (NBAQ) Depends on discretion of the bank* Up to 48 months 20 Times of Your salary
First Gulf Bank (FGB) 22%* (NE)* Not mentioned 200,000 MAX
Union National Bank Personal Finance (UNB) 4.00%* (NE)* Up to 48 months 20 Times of Your salary
Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) 3.5%* (NE)* Up to 48 months Nationals 2500000
Exapats 1500000
National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) 5.25%* (NE)* Up to 48 months 20 Times of Your salary
Noor Bank Flat rate: 2.25% Reducing rate:5.56% * (NE)* Up to 48 months 1000000 MAX
RAK BANK 3.1% to 4.99%* (NE)* 48 Months 1250000 MAX
United Arab Bank (UAB) 4.48%* (NE)* Upto 4 years 2500000 MAX
Finance House 15% - 24%* (NE)* Up to 48 months 250000 MAX
ADIB Non Salary Transfer 15% to 17%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 200000 MAX
ADIB Debt settlement 5.75% - 8.98%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 200000 MAX
ADIB Salary transfer 6.25% - 17%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 200000 MAX
Citibank Salary Transfer 3.99% - 13.99%* (NE)* Up to 48 months 1000000 MAX
Mashreq Bank 5.25* (NE)* Up to 48 month 1000000 MAX
NBAD 2.63% - 3.99%* (NE)* Nationals 60 and Expats: 48 months 2500000 MAX
ADCB Personal Finance for Nationals 3.99% - 12.99%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 3000000 MAX
Emirates NBD salary transfer 2.33% - 4.5%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 500000 MAX
ADCB for Expats 4.5% - 12.99%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 3000000 MAX
Emirates NBD Personal Finance for self-employed 2.23% - 4.79%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 500000 MAX
Arab Bank Personal loan 5.10%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 550000 MAX
Emirates NBD Personal Finance for professionals 2.93% - 5.99%* (NE)* Up to 4 years 500000 MAX
Sharjah Islamic Bank personal Finance 3.9% - 6.7% * (NE)* At the discretion of the bank 20 times of Your salary

Representative Example

For Example, Mr. John apply a loan of AED 100,000/- for 3 years and interest rate is 10% APR.
1-year interest will be = 10,000/- and 3-years interest will be = 30,000/-
Principle amount = 100,000/- Total interest = 30,000/-
Total amount payable in 3 years (36 month) = 130,000/-
Monthly installment will be = 3611.11/-   Processing fee will 1% of Loan amount = 1000/-