A big News for Private Sector Companies about New Classification System

  June 2, 2022    

The classification system is important to divide the companies into some specific categories. The Ministry of Human Resources officially recognized the modern system for any kind of company. These categories are according to the factors of the companies including the following of the law. Besides, they also consider the protection systems of wages and rights of the employees. In addition, the promotion of culture is also important through such companies.

The current Minister is Dr. AbdulRahman Al Awar and he gave the interview in the past week. In the interview with the media, he said that the ministry will encourage the endeavor of the UAE in the field of business. The achievement of global leadership will lead the country to the progressive stage. UAE always tries to provide leadership quality to the individuals. By doing it, the ministry will ensure to promote the basic essential goals. The focus of such goals is on the enhancement of different programs that will surely give more empowerment to young people.

Description of new classification system with its advantage

Furthermore, the Minister gave a complete description of the new classification system. All the companies will divide according to this classification. The main purpose of this classification is to fulfill the demand of any owner of the business. It also ensures the protection of the important rights of all workers. Moreover, it encourages innovation and promotes all business fields.

The advantage of these classifications is that the companies will also get some beneficial incentives. But the criteria for such incentives are to compulsory follow the particular laws. Such laws only promote the diversity of culture. Further, the companies must follow the values of the societies. The company should provide equal opportunities to all individuals.

The First Category of the Classification

Here, you will know about the first category of this system. In this category, the company must meet a minimum of one of the criteria. It includes the enhancing of the rates of the company according to its Emiratisation. The criterion also involves the meeting of different “Nafis” programs. This program is a federal-type project. According to this program, the people from UAE get the empowerment in the occupying the jobs. These jobs are for all private sectors.

The companies must have to train more than five hundred Emiratis per year. The young citizens will get the best standard of earning. Another criterion is to create the company’s center for training. Some companies make their employment centers. Such centers ensure the implementation of excellent policies in working fields. The major significant policy of the workplace is to promote more cultural diversity. This policy is applicable all over the UAE. Also, another motive of these centers is to always remain active in their fields.

The goal of the Emiratisation rate should be more than 2%. This rate is according per year and the determination of this rate depends on the high-skilled jobs. The establishment of such jobs requires up to 50 workers. The company has to continuously work until it will achieve the target rate of 10%.

The Second Category of the Classification

Now, you will know about what is the second category of this classification. Any company that does not fulfill the above-mentioned criteria of the first category but follows the laws is present in the second category. The policies relate to not only culture but also demographic diversity. This diversity is specific to the entire United Arab Emirates.

The Third Category of the Classification

The third and last category is for all of those companies that fail to protect the rights of workers. In the initial level, they show that they will commit to the protection of rights. But, they will fail in their commitment. In particular, when they will not enable to promote the culture’s diversity, they will be in the third category. For the success of the company, the giving of rights to workers as well as promoting the diversity of culture & demographic is the most crucial. In addition, the proper focus on the labor market is compulsory. So, the owners have proper knowledge about the working of their companies.

Under-Secretary for Human Resources on the New Classification

The under-secretary gives his perception of the new system. He told that the implementation of this system is critical to enhancing the performance of the companies. Saeed Al Khoury, MOHRE beautifully explained that all the private companies will get more and more achievements. He also claimed that the investor & worker of any private sector will get their rights. This classification system will surely protect such rights. In this way, there is a high chance of the creation of the most suitable environment for the businesses. As a result, the companies will get global reorganization.

Fees for Every Category of the Classification

There is a service & transfer fee for all categories of this system. But, the fee is different for all of them. The duration for all categories 1, 2, and, 3 is for two years. But, the first category’s fee is Dh250, and the second category’s fee is Dh1,200. The fee for the last category is Dh3,450. This category will never get benefits from fee rebates & renewing.

The position of the company will directly transfer to the third category if they violate any resolution. This strict action will quickly do in a very short time. Companies will never provide inaccurate data or any information. Besides, they have no right to violate the rights of workers’ wages. They should follow the safety measurements, so everyone will comfortably work there. Otherwise, the Ministry will take harsh action against the company. The owners will need to hire the citizens in their training centers and then work with such talented citizens. It will surely improve the status of the country as well.