Covid-19 Cases Report and New Rules for UAE Travelling

  June 10, 2022    

In UAE, the Covid cases are increasing day by day in the recent few months. The Ministry of Health and Prevention claimed this report. The country faced this infection in more than one thousand people in June. At the start of the month, the cases are 442. But, it becomes more than double in just a few days. It same happens in February also.

Covid cases rise from Feb and UAE travel made rules of mask-wearing

There were zero death cases in the two months before May. Now, the ministry stated that there is a total of 913,984 cases in the UAE. However, the recovery is more than 896,448.

A concern matter

The increase in the number of cases is a serious matter that should need proper attention. All citizens & expatriates should take precautions. However, the doctors in the country have claimed that it is not an alarming situation.

The pulmonologists suggest taking the booster shot. This shot is one more sort of vaccine. The people from any suffering should avoid any kind of gathering. Moreover, the children that are ill with flu will not allow going to school.

According to Dr. Saheer Sainalabdeen, when people wear a mask and also take vaccine doses, there is a low possibility of the covid case in them. Further, the doctor explained that people may get this infection but there is no death case.

The doctors have a clear idea that now the people with this infection have the omicron variant in them. And, this variant firstly came from South Africa. In addition, the doctor added that now the vaccine booster is compulsory for everyone. People have to avoid all social gatherings.
Any person who wants to travel can take all the guidance relative to preventive measures from doctors. Dr. Ram Shukla deals with many cases of this infection. He suggests that everyone must wear a mask outside the home. The reason is that no one can maintain a distance from other individuals, especially during traveling.

Problematic infection

After lifting all the restrictions, all persons are not treating this infection as a serious problem. When doctors observe more cases, they provide the fact that the covid is still present in UAE also. After vaccination, the good thing is that this virus becomes a kind of normal viral illness. But, no one can tell how it acts in every individual’s body. We have to take appropriate measures against this infection, especially for the elderly & children.

Precautionary measures

• Hand hygiene is necessary. The reason is that when we travel outside we touch different objects. And, such objects may have contaminants of the virus also.
• You can wear any mask. It is not important that you have to wear a specific sort of mask. Simply, wearing a mask is essential.
• In addition to masks, proper social distancing is crucial. It helps in the reducing of covid.
• Anyone who experiences any symptom of infection must isolate himself. In this way, the virus will not spread among other family members.

UAE airlines’ rules about wearing masks

UAE airlines are always strict on the rule of wearing masks. No one without a mask can enter the flight. All the airlines ensure that the passengers have the certificate of vaccination & wear a mask. The number of cases increases with the careless behaviors of the public.

The websites of the airlines provide the compulsory statement of wearing the mask. However, a child below six years of age will not need to wear it. Besides, customers with any medical condition will also avoid wearing it. Such customers must come with their medical certificates at the airport.

This certificate must have some specifications including the name of the doctor and his sign. The issue date must be within 3 months during traveling. There are traveling in certain countries where there is compulsory to wear medical masks. Such countries include Germany, Austria, etc.

If you travel through UAE’s airport, you will wear a mask all time from airport to flight. Even, during boarding of the airport, sanitize your hands and keep wearing masks. Most of us use disposable masks. Thereby, they can replace after a few hours constantly. When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth & nose properly. If you use any tissue, dispose of it properly.

Wear well-fitted masks

As we above told, it is necessary to wear masks. But, the well-fitted size is the most appropriate choice. All travelers that travel to any place must wear well-fitted masks. All the closed spaces do have not enough too much size & space. Even, you will never keep yourself away from all other persons in closed spaces. Therefore, the mask is critical and must wear. During travel on any bus or train, you have to follow this safety measure.
N95 are different from masks. Both work well but N95 is mostly specific for professionals who deal with & handle all infectious patients. On the other hand, the mask is good for all public use. Nowadays, there is a need to stop the spreading of this infection.

We all can play our roles in the stopping spreading of it. When you wear a mask and also maintain a safe distance, there are more chances that you will not get this infection. Moreover, care about maintaining the hygiene of hands. You must need to take the doses of the vaccine. And, also make sure that all of your family members & friends will take it.

After being fully vaccinated, now it’s time to take the booster. The booster will help in the making of a strong immune system. In case, if you will get any vibrant of this virus, it will not badly affect you. According to research, the death ratios are also less when people take the booster vaccination.

Bottom line

Covid cases rise from Feb to now June. People may ignore this virus after the removal of restrictions. But, no one knows if it further spreads or not. So, taking safety measures is essential. These measures help in the not spreading of the infection. Furthermore, everyone must take the vaccination. So, if the virus gets to enter their body, it will not cause serious problems.