ADIB Credit Card with Latest Exciting Offers and CashBack

  November 1, 2022    

Abu Dhabi Islamic bank is a well-known Islamic bank in the United Arab Emirates that was established to provide top-class facilities relevant to finance. Not only it gives simple financial services but also gives Islam base services. The main intention of this bank is to provide assistance that will be based on Islamic laws and regulations. This ADIB bank Dubai is famous due to its lowest interest rate and also for additional best financial services. It will give affordable and less interesting because of its Islamic nature and in Islam, taking interest is strictly prohibited for everyone.

Here our major focus is on the credit card of Adib, which is the most prevailing product of this bank. Adib is offering various financial products in which a variety of credit cards with amazing features are also involved. Each credit card will give you a unique sensation and wonderful experience with lots of fun and exciting offers. So, grab your favorite ADIB credit card with Karz. ae and make your life more wonderful than before. You can select any type of credit card according to your need and desire.

What are the Purpose and Benefits of a Credit Card?

  • Business purpose

This is the first and foremost goal of this card, it will provide high-level business and professional services related to all kinds of financial problems. Businessmen can manage their business matters' privacy with full-time security. whenever they want to use a credit card, it will be ready to use always. Many different offers are also attached to the Adib credit card that can make any businessman a happy businessman. You will feel financial independency in business matters. A small-scale businessman can also effortlessly manage expenses with it through safe and secure transactions.

  • Entertainment purpose

The next most fundamental purpose is the entertainment package that is attached to these credit cards. No matter, what kind of credit card you got, Karz. ae will assist you regarding that credit card. The card offers an entertainment bundle also that will be necessary with it. If you are a fun-loving and adventurous individual, so you can avail many chances for free tickets, free vouchers, various deals, etc. Adib credit card apply procedure is also very easy and comfortable for everyone. You just have to read instructions given by the bank in which, the salary range, age, and other eligibility criteria will be given to you. 

  • Easy to carry

This is the biggest advantage of credit cards, these are easy to carry everywhere in UAE. You can easily handle it during any kind of outing, shopping, and dining. you can get lots of rewards while shopping. It’s a small piece made up of plastic which is very convenient to take everywhere outside the home. It can easily fit into the pockets of men and women can also easily gather it within their handbags. so you will find out it is easily moveable from one place to another with carrying a treasure in it.

  • Interesting offers

The next advantage of the credit card is its exciting offers about various transactions, and withdrawals even you can get a good credit score also. You just have to use the Adib card and obtain lots of different Adib credit card offers that can make your day happiest. Offers can be of many types, these can be of small level and can be on large scale. These offers consist of various special discounts also on different places and on several brands in the range of UAE.

ADIB Cashback Credit Card

Via the Adib cashback card, you will be able to get a cashback facility anytime and everywhere throughout the whole UAE. This bank indicates a specific proportion or percentage of cashback that a person can get with this credit card. Whenever someone uses his/her Adib cashback credit card anywhere in UAE, 1% of cashback will be provided to that individual every time. Similarly, many other cashback offers are also involved with this credit card facility. you can attain these offers while shopping in malls, dining at restaurants, etc. Get more cashback and discount offers with other things like online food delivering plus shopping and getting online air tickets. The next most amazing benefit of this card is, you can obtain the exact amount whenever you withdraw cash using this card. You will not have to pay any extra charges or any kind of tax while withdrawing your amount.

ADIB Cashback Platinum Credit Card

You will obtain the same benefits of a Cashback credit card with this card also but in advanced form and some features are expanded. Get airport lounges access free of cost with this credit card. Various kinds of offers and deals related to discounts and cashback are involved in it. Adib cash back platinum credit card will also give you the facility of roadside assistance. Where you can get the best assistance during any kind of road emergency. For example, whenever you face any condition like an accident and you feel your car can’t move due to severe damage. At this point, you will get roadside assistance service via this card. Similarly, your car fuel will be recovered soon, the tier will be changed also. Even if you need urgent cash during traveling, it will be given to you through this Adib credit card.  

Basic Requirements of Adib Credit Card

To get the credit cards from Adib your salary limit should be from 5000 to 15000, in which all cards are involved. But if you are interested in these two cards of Adib so your salary should be 5000 AED. You will have to pay 1000 AED as the annual fee of a covered platinum credit card. Adib also gives you the facility of 4 free additional cards and after that bank will charge 1000 AED for the 5th card. Bring your all essential documents along with you including ID, salary certificate, visa/passport, credit history, etc.