Explaining Secured Vs Unsecured Loans

Secured Vs Unsecured Loans

Most of the loans offered by the lenders are unsecured loans. But, some lenders also provide the secured loan. The biggest difference between these loans is the requirement for collaterals. In getting a secured loan, applicants need to give collateral to the lender. However, unsecured loans do not require collateral. This type of loan is most common in availing of personal finances. But, it comes with higher rates.

Checking creditworthiness is an essential part of an application’s approval or rejection. Karz considers the individuals’ needs of finances and so offers both of these loans. Here, we will explain Secured vs Unsecured Loans. Therefore, it becomes easier to choose the loan type that meets your financial needs and never disturbs your budget.

Pros & Cons of Secured vs Unsecured Loan

Both of these types of loans have their specific pros and cons. You should know about the pros & cons. Thereby, choosing a loan is not a complicated task for all those who want to solve the financial problem of their lives.      


For secured loans: If your credit score is lower, do not worry. For applying for this debt, you will also get a qualification with a low score if you meet all other criteria.

For unsecured loans: Without the requirement of collateral, there is no fear of losing your assets.


For secured loans: The only downside is that the lenders seize the borrower’s collaterals in case of failing of repaying the amount. However, if you constantly pay down the payments, there is no fear of losing of your collateral.   

For unsecured loans: The credit score must be excellent in order to apply. Otherwise, you have to wait longer for the approval, or maybe your application get rejected.    

How do secured loans operate?

The application procedure contains a factor of submission of collateral in this loan. The collateral is of great advantage for the reduction of the interest rate. In addition, applicants can get more debt amount. The only risky factor is the loss of the asset if you do not repay within tenure. The financial company Karz offers every loan with an easier process. So, applicants can easily apply for it also.


In general, the APRs of this debt are low as compared to unsecured debts. However, the lenders check some factors and then decide the rates. In simpler words, the collateral is also a factor that can enhance or reduce the rates. For instance, when an applicant applies for vehicle debts, the vehicle decides the rates as well as approval.     


Almost every lender gives secured debts with fixed repayment terms. The tenure is for a few years to repay the amount every month. You can also choose variable rates for the monthly installments.    


The qualification of the applicant’s application is much easier if they apply for this debt. Lenders also consider the credit score, monthly salary, and other factors, etc when they approve the application. The collateral will help you in getting instant approval because the lender approves your finance request with confidence of no risk.


Like the risk of seizing your collateral by the lender, your credit score is also badly affected if you fail to pay down the fund. For example, when you miss one payment, the penalty is reduction of 100 points.  

How to get it: 

All financial institutions offer this loan including banks and online lenders. Even, credit unions also provide this loan to their clients. This debt type is more common everywhere. Sometimes, the lender demands the securing of the debt with the applicant’s savings.

Usage of secured loans

There is no sort of limit on the usage of this loan. You can use this finance for purchasing a new car or a vehicle. Moreover, you can meet any emergency need with it.

How do unsecured loans operate?

Without the requirement of collateral, you can apply for its process. But, your credit history is a major factor for the approval or rejection of your application. Borrowers have to pay more interest rates than other debts. However, they have no stress of loss of their asset.


The fixed rates of this debt are between 3% to 33%. One thing that is the same in every lender’s terms is that the applicant who is more qualified gets more low APRs. On the other hand, for bad credit scores, the APRs are higher.   


Overall, the tenure period is from 2 to 7 years. It depends on the debt amount that you received from the lender. The monthly installments are fixed for the complete period.


The applicants get more chances of quick approval when their credit score is good or excellent. This score should be higher than 690. After reviewing credit scores & history, the lenders give the notification of qualifying to the applicants.   


This debt type is a safe option for numerous individuals. They have no fear of losing assets. But, if they do not repay the monthly payments constantly, they face its effect on credit scores. Some lenders also give suggestions to borrowers to choose a plan of lowering costs if they feel difficulty in paying down. But, the loan providers can file a court case if your loan is defaulted.  

How to get it: 

Just like secured debts, it is also provided by every bank, online lender, etc. But the good idea is to choose an online lender because of their low-interest rates with more amazing features. The bank’s customers also avail the debts with low rates.  

Usage of secured loans

One common usage of this debt is consolidating your existing debts. It is beneficent to repay the amount with low rates. Many individuals use this fund for the finances of vacations, weddings, etc.

What loan should you obtain?  

It all depends on your financial needs. If you want to get an instant loan, the secured type is the best one because of the quick disbursal of the amount. Furthermore, it is also with a low-interest rate. But, unsecured loans are without any fear of asset loss.